Teachers & Artists 2017

Mark Walsh YoDa festival

Mark Walsh (Brighton)

Embodied Yoga Principles

Mark has been a practitioner of movements arts for twenty years, including several years as a full-time aikido student. His main yoga influences are Scaravelli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers. He has an honours degree in psychology. He founded and runs several organisations which bring embodiment into business, to aid workers and peace activists in war zones, and trains facilitators in around twenty countries annually.

Josefin wikström stockholm yoga dance festival yodafestival

Josefin Wikström

Prison Yoga
The power of the rhythm

Josefin has practiced and studied yoga for the past 24 years.
She has many years of experience working with children and adults who have undergone trauma both in India and in Sweden. The classes are designed from this practical work and her own experiences that yoga and dance are incredibly simple, effective and joyful methods that can be used by everyone.

Josefin was educated through The Trauma Institute in Boston, USA, led by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, a leading authority in trauma research.
In her programs, trauma sensitive yoga is also included through several training courses and collaboration with James Fox, founder of The Prison Yoga Project USA, as well as motion therapy with Tripura Kashyap in India.

Cosmin Iancu YoDa festival

Cosmin S Iancu (Valencia)

Ashtanga yoga

During the years of rediscovering myself, I had the opportunity to study and practice with great teachers of various yogic disciplines: Traditional Siddha Yoga with Bhooma Chaitanya in India, Hatha Raja Yoga with Andrei Ram in Spain, Ashtanga Yoga with Manju Jois and Kristina Karitinou in Greece, just to name a few.
I realized that Yoga is not something for special people with special skills, very flexible bodies and of a certain affiliation, but it is the path of the mystics and the spiritual alchemists or in other words, anyone who aims into transcending his mortal self in order to realize the Oneness and find true liberation.


Jacopo Yogendra Ceccarelli (Florens)

Anukalana Yoga

Jacopo manage Anukalana Samadhi Yoga School in Italy and at early age became a yoga teacher under the leadership of a group of Indian Tantric monks.
Following his passion for study, practice and research he founded the Anukalana Approach to Yoga where Integration is the process for developing advanced principles for the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

Josephine_Selander stockholm yoga dans festival

Josephine Selander

Virya Yoga

Josephine Selander is the founder of the Nordic Yoga Institute, the initiator of Virya yoga and rehab virya yoga. She has written the books Dynamisk Yoga, Våga Yoga, Yoga från insidan and Yoga för dig. Josephine is a qualified yoga teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga and within Yoga therapy (mainly for Doug Keller) in the United States, India and Great Britain. Josephine operates the Nordic Yoga Institute and trains yoga teachers in Sweden, Norway, Spain and India.
Virya yoga is the form she developed along with sports and dance naprapath Malin Flinck.

Angelica Schäfer stockholm yoga dans festival freemove

Angelica Nanda Schäfer


Angelica Nanda is a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic health counselor, personal trainer and motivator with many years of experience. Her foundation is in classic Hatha yoga, but her classes are spiced with inspiration from various yoga styles and also other expressions such as dance and functional training. Her yoga is characterized by an educational playfulness where rhythm and finding your own unique expression as well as biomechanics and alignments have their place. Angelica runs her own yoga and health studio aYoY and is also one of the founders of FreeMove where yoga, meditation and dance therapy is integrated. She is involved in organizing retreats both in Sweden and abroad and has in recent years worked as a yoga teacher in Thailand.


Ellen Molnia

Bhakti Yoga

Ellen Molnia grew up in the north of Sweden in a musician-family. She has been playing several instruments and singing since childhood. She went to India when she was 19, and has spent many years there alltogether, deepdiving into the spirituality, the bhakti(devotional)-world, the cultuere and the music.
She sings her own style of bhajans (devotional mantramusic), which has come to her through grace, through the cosmic airways, but also sings traditional chants.

Ellen has a special way of singing filled with devotion, play, love, intimacy … and she sings both traditional and self-made songs.
A heartfelt welcome to swim with us in the ocean of love!

francine 2

Francine lee Mirro-Finer

Dance as movement therapy

Francine Lee Mirro-Finer has been a practicing therapist, supervisor and teacher in Dance Therapy for over 30 years.

I invite you to come and explore the ways in which dance can be used as a therapeutic tool. The form will be a lecture with much audience participation enabling direct experience to be the ground for discussion.

Lin Holmquist

Lin Holmquist

Tantra Experience

Lin found her dharma, her life path in India where she studied yoga from a yogasharya. Her journeys on the yoga mat brought her closer to herself, eliminating stress and suffering from the past and opened her heart to her own inner truth.
After studying yoga in many forms, educations in yoga therapy and kriya yoga, Lin met the practice of tantra which brought her even deeper into the mysteries of life.
“Lin’s yoga is as soft and gentle as it is powerful. It is a experience of the divine in you!”


Håkan Lagesson

Gong Relaxation

Håkan is a Kundalini, Gong and Yoga teacher who loves the gong He came in contact with it during his Kundalini yoga teachers training and has followed him since.
Through training with teachers Don Conreux and Methab Benton, he has dived into the world of gong and uses it in his kundalini yoga classes, along with other yoga styles, gong therapy and pure relaxation .

Gong Relaxation is a workshop where the body gets a chance for recovery and healing. Lie down and let the vibrations wash over and through your body. The vibrations and sounds of gongs begin to dissolve blockages we carry and gets the brain to stop analyzing and let´s it go. The result is a deep relaxation where healing can take place.


Helena Wintre

Anusara Yoga

With a background in basketball , martial arts and many years as a group fitness instructor at the fitness center chain SATS it’s yoga that has taken a stable place in her life. Helena teaches classes, workshops and retreats . The teachers Helena furthers her training with is mainly Sianna Sherman, Doug Keller and Neesha Zollinger. She studies philosophy and practices meditation with Paul Muller Ortega as her teacher.
Helena is appreciated for her ability to guide deep into the body, mind and heart with joy and warmth.
Her wish is to touch the inside of you that makes you see the uniqueness of yourself and others and
live from a brave heart, free from fear.

mari ljunqvist

Mari Ljungqvist

Open Floor

Mari Ljungqvist has since 2003 worked as a therapist for individual clients, couples and groups. She is also trained as a therapist in Open Floor, free dance, imago coach for couples as well as in shamanic energy medicine. Mari follow her life’s purpose by constantly building bridges between the unconscious to the conscious, where her passion for dance and movement permeates her whole being.

Carina Bagge

Carina Bagge


I love the dance. I love to feel the movement and rhythm of the body. Letting the music and the rhythms carry me, effortlessly, like a meditation in motion. Dance, movement / rest and body awareness is my passion, my hobby and my profession. I have created the form of movement, I myself would like to go on. An undemanding and loving form of dance / movement that looks at the entire you.

Anne Grundel

Anna Grundel

Liberating Dance

Dance Inspirator since 1992 – pioneer in Sweden.
Anne has extensive experience of liberating dance, meditation and wellness.
In 1993 she founded the Creative Dance Academy and developed the Release of Dance in combination with mindfulness / awareness of the presence.
In 1995 she founded the Leadership training and graduates since then a group dance motivators / year.

Johan Nilsson stockholm yoga dance festival yoda festival

Johan Nilsson

Contact Improvisation

Johan has explored Contact Improvisation for the last 10 years. Lately in the collaboration with Irene Sposetti in Being Motion.
He is also exploring and connecting the work of dance with nature and phenomenas in the natural world. As a trained gardener in the Biodynamic method he finds these connections through working with Spirals, Evolution, Rhythms and the different Elements.
“I like to use imagination and the fascination for small details as tools to create my own dance and to be the guide in contact with others.
In contact improvisation I like to relate to weight shifts and space and I definitely love to take a certain amount of risk”

jOjo Norell stockholm yoga dance festival yodafestival

jOjo Norell


jOjo is a yoga instructor with a deep interest and passion for meditation. Starting out in the dynamics of ohos meditations to the “final frontier” in Vipassana. He founded Running Yoga in 2009, which combines meditation, running and yoga.
It’s not about how fast you move your body. It’s about how slow you move your mind.

Linnea Larsson The Groove

Linnea Larsson

Linnéa’s heart has always been about dancing though it isn’t until recently that she let herself live her dream (through facilitating Groove classes). In dancing she finds the most freedom to express herself fully, all the different colors and varieties. Other passions of hers are languages and cultures so she has spent some years traveling and studying in the UK, Greece and Italy.
She comes originally from Utö in the archipelago of Stockholm so has a natural connection to and love for nature and wild life.

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