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Jacopo Yogendra Ceccarelli (Florens)

Anukalana Yoga

Jacopo manages Anukalana Samadhi Yoga School in Italy and at an early age became a yoga teacher under the leadership of a group of Indian Tantric monks.
Following his passion for study, practice and research he founded the Anukalana Approach to Yoga where Integration is the process for developing advanced principles for the practice of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation.

Leigh Evans yoga dance festival

Leigh Evans (New York)

Yoga Sukhavati:
Ayurveda Bliss Flow
Open the Wings of the Heart

Leigh Evans is a yoga teacher and dancer based in Brooklyn, New York. Passionate yogini and explorer, Leigh is a go-to resource for Ayurvedic Yoga, seasonal wellness practices, sleep yoga, and women’s yoga practices. Through decades of teaching thousands of students, Leigh’s seasoned approach can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. From the study of Yoga and Ayurveda in India to Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives. Through an integration of vinyasa yang and restorative yin practice, Leigh’s classes enhance the flow of prana in the body by nourishing specific energy channels and organs offering healing and transformation. Leigh teaches festivals, teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops nationally and internationally.

Laura_Bukhart- by Samuel_Henderson

Laura Burkhart (San Francisco)

Heart, Hips and Core Flow
Demystifying Arms Balances

Laura Burkhart is a internationally acclaimed yoga teacher from San Francisco who leads workshops, retreats and presents at festivals around the world. In addition to gracing the cover of Yoga Journal Singapore and Italy, she has written articles for Yoga Journal Australia and USA.
Laura’s creative and intelligently sequenced classes are invigorating, with a smooth and rhythmic flow.  She is conscientious about catering to different levels and ability, ensuring that all her students feel welcome and comfortable. 

Katrina Menshikova stockholm yoga dance festival

Katrina Menshikova (Moscow)

Dance-movement therapy

Katrina Menshikova is a Embodiment facilitator and dance-movement therapist.
She is an Instructor at Vozdukh physical theatre Institute and a dancer at Moscow improvisation theatre Vozdukh.
After more than 15 years of personal body practices (professional athletics, martial arts, yoga, dance) Katrina continued her studies deeper in integral body training: Institute of Integrative Psychology and Professional Development, Embodied Facilitator Course. Since 2012 she conducts individual and group sessions for business, NGO, government institutions and general audience in Mexico, China, India, Spain, Latvia, Montenegro, Russia, etc.
Dance-movement sessions are a joyful and deep way to know your body better, to know yourself better, to invite longed-for changes to your life through new quality of movement.

Mark Walsh YoDa festival

Mark Walsh (Brighton)

Embodied Yoga Principles

Mark has been a practitioner of movements arts for twenty years, including several years as a full-time aikido student. His main yoga influences are Scaravelli, Yin and Buddhist inspired teachers. He has an honours degree in psychology. He founded and runs several organisations which bring embodiment into business, to aid workers and peace activists in war zones, and trains facilitators in around twenty countries annually.


Edwin Cabascango (Quito/Oslo)

Texture and movement

Edwin started dancing in Quito, Ecuador at the contemporary dance school Frente De Danza Independiente and Metrodanza dance school, Ballet Nacional de Ecuador, as well as with different ensembles practicing modern and contemporary dance. Later he continued his dance studies at The Norwegian College of Dance (NDH)and studied also contemporary dance at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. After finished education Edwin performed in Gullhanen performance with Sean Curran dance company in Bergen National Opera. Edwin has been practicing different somatic movements and martial arts from 2004 to the present moment.

Shantonu yoda festival

Shantonu Deva

Shantonu is a singer of songs from his native West Bengal. Expressing the subtle Bhava in song he conveys the inner poetic essence to the audience. He sings in Bengali, Hindi , Sanskrit and other Indian languages in a clean simple acoustic style, resulting in haunting and accessible pieces with a deep undercurrent of Bhakti.
Bhakti is the essence of life, it conveys the inner spirit of being in union to the self, a reason to celebrate life.

Life is Bhakti, Bhakti is life

Jayashree yoda festival stockholm yoga


Jayashree has been studying dance under the guidance of Usha Balasundaram from Saraswati Kalakendra since an early age.
She had presented her dance in different cultural venues in Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Germany , Norway and Switzerland
She dreams of a world where feelings could be expressed through Abinaya (expression of varied art forms) with gestures and movement.

Jayashree will be presenting an ancient dance form from Indian​ known as Bharathanatiyam. Bharathanatiyam is an exquisite and gracious dance form from India, combining the Bhava (Mood), Raga (Melody), Tala (Rythm) .Bharata.

Movement is life, movement is freedom, movement is expression to know the unknown, to know the self.

Ulf Wallgren Stockholm Yoga dans festival

Ulf Wallgren


Ulf Wallgren is a certified Mediyoga Instructor and MIMY Instructor (mindfulness and mediyoga) at the Mediyoga Institute in Stockholm. He leads classes in Mediyoga at the Mediyoga Institute and at Friskvården on Swedish television and radio. Ulf also lectures on how to feel better with the help of yoga and to have a calm and loving life in balance with one self. He has a deep passion to help others handle stress and be able to perform and still feel good privately and at work.

Anna Dunberg yoga dance festival

Anna Duberg

Dance for mental health

Anna is a physiotherapist, training profile and medical doctor in health and care sciences. Her research areas are within physical activity and mental health. Often met in yoga or dance classes but as her research has become increasingly noticed even as an inspirator and lecturer.

Josefin wikström stockholm yoga dance festival yodafestival

Josefin Wikström

Prison Yoga
The power of the rhythm

Josefin has practiced and studied yoga for the past 24 years.
She has many years of experience working with children and adults who have undergone trauma both in India and in Sweden. The classes are designed from this practical work and her own experiences that yoga and dance are incredibly simple, effective and joyful methods that can be used by everyone.

Josefin was educated through The Trauma Institute in Boston, USA, led by Bessel van der Kolk, MD, a leading authority in trauma research.
In her programs, trauma sensitive yoga is also included through several training courses and collaboration with James Fox, founder of The Prison Yoga Project USA, as well as motion therapy with Tripura Kashyap in India.

francine 2

Francine lee Mirro-Finer

Dance as movement therapy

Francine Lee Mirro-Finer has been a practicing therapist, supervisor and teacher in Dance Therapy for over 30 years.

I invite you to come and explore the ways in which dance can be used as a therapeutic tool. The form will be a lecture with much audience participation enabling direct experience to be the ground for discussion.


Boris & Nina

Acro Yoga
Morning Thai Massage

Boris & Nina are certified Yoga and AcroYoga teachers that invites to serious playfulness and full presence. With their warm-hearted pedagogy they create a welcoming atmosphere. Boris and Nina combine their diverse backgrounds from yoga, dance, circus and kung fu and find their common denominator in movement and creativity with a life-affirming attitude. On that path they found AcroYoga and has certified as teachers with the founders Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer. Boris & Nina teach and perform together and are passionated about sharing the bliss of AcroYoga wherever they put their feet.

Sara Emilione yoga dans festival

Sara Emilionie


Sara Emilionie, yoga therapist and mindfulness instructor has since 2009 been a driving force at the MediYoga Institute in Stockholm, which has trained several thousand people within Swedish healthcare. Sara has created her own method, MIMY (Mindfulness & MediYoga), which is offered today in healthcare, schools and some of Sweden’s largest workplaces.

Anne Grundel

Anna Grundel

Liberating Dance

Dance Inspirator since 1992 – pioneer in Sweden.
Anne has extensive experience of liberating dance, meditation and wellness.
In 1993 she founded the Creative Dance Academy and developed the Release of Dance in combination with mindfulness / awareness of the presence.
In 1995 she founded the Leadership training and graduates since then a group dance motivators / year.


Satu Tuomela

Embodied Yin Yoga

Satu has been teaching for over 15 years and is known for her unique and authentic style. She charms with her intuitive instructions, humor, loving adjustments, Reiki and clear understanding of human body and how everybody is unique. Every class is different with purpose and will energize you with amazing music, laughs and freedom! She loves singing, surfing, nature and being with her family in her free time.


Annki & Klas Landahl

Kundalini Yoga

Annki and Klas Landahl are Kundalini Yoga teachers and musicians from Stockholm. They inspire with their affection and deep experience of yoga and its lifestyle. Together they bring yogis into deepening retreats, yogic foreign adventures, courses and workshops where music, yoga, meditation and self-reflection are woven into a heart-opening, vibrant and invigorating whole.
Their goal is to make participants feel perfect and lovable as they are, while helping them find the courage to grow into themselves and their life’s work.

2014-08-09 18.08.00

Jonas Klingberg

5 Rhythms

Jonas Klingberg: is an accredited 5Rhythms® teacher by Gabrielle Roth and the Moving Center School in USA. He is also the Founder of the Body Movement Coaching™ training program.
Jonas is a trained Massage therapist, studies in Social & Educational Science, Dance Therapy, Contact Improvisation and Authentic movement. Jonas has a big range of knowledge about the creative Body Intelligence.

Josephine_Selander stockholm yoga dans festival

Josephine Selander

Virya Yoga

Josephine Selander is the founder of the Nordic Yoga Institute, the initiator of Virya yoga and rehab virya yoga. She has written the books Dynamisk Yoga, Våga Yoga, Yoga från insidan and Yoga för dig. Josephine is a qualified yoga teacher in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga and within Yoga therapy (mainly for Doug Keller) in the United States, India and Great Britain. Josephine operates the Nordic Yoga Institute and trains yoga teachers in Sweden, Norway, Spain and India.
Virya yoga is the form she developed along with sports and dance naprapath Malin Flinck.

Minoa yoga dance festival yoda


Minoa plays all machines and sings her own songs, which are full of light, depth, love and play. Manjari was born in India and grew up on the road, surrounded by music, magic, spirituality and many cultures.

angelica schäfer YoDa festival

Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Soft Morning Yoga & Pranayam

Angelica Nanda is a yoga- and Pilates teacher, Osho sannyas, personal trainer, ayurvedic health counselor, lecturer, masseur and inspirator with many years of experience. Her classes are characterized by an educational playfulness where rhythm and finding your own unique expressions as well as biomechanics and body awareness are given place. For many years she has taught various group training courses focused on functional strength and is educated teacher in classical Hathayoga, Power Yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles which creates a bridge between what we do on the floor in the classes with how we act and react in our everyday lives. Angelica runs her own yoga and health studio aYoY on a full-time basis and is the creator of the Freemove concept where yoga, meditation and dance therapy are integrated. She holds space for retreats both in Sweden and abroad and has also worked as a yoga teacher in Thailand in recent years. She is one of the main organizers of this festival, Stockholm Yoga and Dance Festival.


Ellen Molnia

Bhakti Yoga

Ellen Molnia grew up in the north of Sweden in a musician-family. She has been playing several instruments and singing since childhood. She went to India when she was 19, and has spent many years there alltogether, deepdiving into the spirituality, the bhakti(devotional)-world, the cultuere and the music.
She sings her own style of bhajans (devotional mantramusic), which has come to her through grace, through the cosmic airways, but also sings traditional chants.

Ellen has a special way of singing filled with devotion, play, love, intimacy … and she sings both traditional and self-made songs.
A heartfelt welcome to swim with us in the ocean of love!

Johan Nilsson stockholm yoga dance festival yoda festival

Johan Nilsson

Contact Improvisation

Johan has explored Contact Improvisation for the last 10 years. Lately in the collaboration with Irene Sposetti in Being Motion.
He is also exploring and connecting the work of dance with nature and phenomenas in the natural world. As a trained gardener in the Biodynamic method he finds these connections through working with Spirals, Evolution, Rhythms and the different Elements.
“I like to use imagination and the fascination for small details as tools to create my own dance and to be the guide in contact with others.
In contact improvisation I like to relate to weight shifts and space and I definitely love to take a certain amount of risk”

Lin Holmquist

Lin Holmquist

Tantra Experience

Lin found her dharma, her life path in India where she studied yoga from a yogasharya. Her journeys on the yoga mat brought her closer to herself, eliminating stress and suffering from the past and opened her heart to her own inner truth.
After studying yoga in many forms, educations in yoga therapy and kriya yoga, Lin met the practice of tantra which brought her even deeper into the mysteries of life.
“Lin’s yoga is as soft and gentle as it is powerful. It is a experience of the divine in you!”

Fil 002

Victoria Hellcat

Flowing on the edge

Victoria teaches classes in vinyasa flow, and is very fond of strong flows where you’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone. Inversions, alignment and balance are also favourites, but humility along with humor are the most important things that she makes sure characterizes her classes.

Håka & Tina Lagesson YoDa festival

Håkan Lagesson & Tina Ikonomidou

Gong relaxation

Håkan & Tina are both Kundalini yoga and meditation teachers who have done and still do the inward journey through yoga, meditation, gong therapy and sound healing.

Tina’s passion is the souls perspective in Yoga. The inner voice we hear in the meditation, in the movement and feel in the mantra song. The sound of the gong is for Tina a way to deeper dimensions that she uses as a therapist and teacher. Håkan has specialized in the gong and its healing vibrations. For many years he has participated in several festivals and events around Sweden and has further developed within the therapeutic aspect of the gong and healing sounds for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Malin Svanholm yodafestival

Malin Svanholm

Yin Yoga

Malin has a long background in dance, pedagogy and yoga. She has been teaching groups and individuals within these areas for over 20 years. In yoga she has primarily been educated in hatha yoga (through ISHTA yoga), yin yoga and restorative yoga and holds courses and workshops for everyone from yoga teachers to curious beginners.

“To me yoga is a collection of tools we use to live our lives with a smile on our lips. Yoga and meditation is what makes me wake up curiously and fall asleep happy. It gives me a clarity and direction in life and reminds me over and over again what really matters.”

biodanza yoda festival

Rosario Hernandez


Rosario was born in Spain and has studied Dramatic Art and Biodanza. She has worked as a theater teacher for 22 years and as a Biodanza teacher for 9 years.
Her quote in life: “Life is a process rather than a final destination. In this process we have the opportunity to experience the endless shades that our existence can offer us. The only thing we need to live and dance in all the meanings of life is to wake up all our potential, which is sometimes suppressed in the dark night we have created motivated by fear”


Helena Wintre

Anusara Yoga

With a background in basketball , martial arts and many years as a group fitness instructor at the fitness center chain SATS it’s yoga that has taken a stable place in her life. Helena teaches classes, workshops and retreats . The teachers Helena furthers her training with is mainly Sianna Sherman, Doug Keller and Neesha Zollinger. She studies philosophy and practices meditation with Paul Muller Ortega as her teacher.
Helena is appreciated for her ability to guide deep into the body, mind and heart with joy and warmth.
Her wish is to touch the inside of you that makes you see the uniqueness of yourself and others and
live from a brave heart, free from fear.

luke photo

Luke Bache

Yin/yang yoga for Anahata chakra
The mantras behind the sun salutations

Luke is an internationally experienced Yoga teacher, Therapeutic Yoga consultant and Mindfulness coach. He has over 10 years’ experience in the field of holistic healing, yoga and meditation. This year he was the yoga teacher and therapeutic yoga consultant on the hit BBC TV show, ‘The Retreat with Nick Knowles’  and is now the in house yoga therapist in The Nordic Spa in The grand Hotel in Stockholm 
His passion is to study and combine different healing modalities . This has led him all over the world, working in muscular skeletal clinics in New Zealand, living and practising qi gong and meditation with Shaolin monks in China and spending over a month in silence in Thailand meditating.
His aim is to make yoga accessible to everyone and to honour the tradition of yoga whilst using modern scientific studies on its benefits to merge the old with the new.
Always a student, Luke is continuing his yoga education, studying with teachers of all yoga styles and traditions.

Praa yoda festival


Master your mind & create your life

 “योगः चित्त वृत्ति निरोधः ” ” Yoga is the cessation of the thought patterns in the mind”

Praa (Pradeep) was born in a pristine nature of a beautiful village in the western mountain range of the southern India. He grew up absorbing the rich culture and ancient Yogic wisdom of India which he had unknown attraction towards. He moved to Italy for his Doctoral degree in the field of Cancer immunotherapy. During his doctoral studies he moved to Karolinska Institutet located in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Currently he resides in Stockholm and works with like-minded people to bring the knowledge of science and Yoga for the happiness of all.

yoga dj session yoda festival

Christian Wigardt & Curt Lundberg


Musical icon Curt Lundberg & yoga master Christian Wigardt started Yoga DJ Sessions to transform the mantra into a fat bass, replace incense with hazers & smoke machines – an interstellar yogic overdrive reaching new audiences at festivals & burner gatherings, places of work, gyms and for three years straight at Stockholms largest open air venue The Garden.


Emelie DecaVita


Emelie DecaVita is a professional Charleston, Lindy Hop and vintage jazz & swing dance instructor, performer and choreographer. She is based in Stockholm, Sweden but do most of her teaching and performing at international dance festivals abroad, spending about six months every year on the road.
Emelie is known for her clear and dedicated instructions, her energized dance style and for her authentic and crazy, fun choreographies.


Nils Yogananda

Meditation against stress
Osho Dynamic Meditation

With more than 30 years of experience in leadership, therapy and personal development, Nils works as a meditation & Yoga teacher, Osho therapist, couples and family therapist, trauma and affect-oriented therapist, coaching and tutoring.

I strive to live a joyfull life, a conscious life beyond limitations and in contact with the vitality and joy that comes from accepting fully the one I am as a human being and even including that I may have difficulty accepting myself as i am.

Carina Bagge

Carina Bagge


I love the dance. I love to feel the movement and rhythm of the body. Letting the music and the rhythms carry me, effortlessly, like a meditation in motion. Dance, movement / rest and body awareness is my passion, my hobby and my profession. I have created the form of movement, I myself would like to go on. An undemanding and loving form of dance / movement that looks at the entire you.

NIA höganäs 6

Isabella Dos Santos


Isabella introduced NIA Technology and Concept in Europe as the continent’s first NIA instructor and has acquired the highest education level (black belt).

My background is movement, always up to try different movement styles; Tai chi Chuan in China to improve my flow and sense of the element water, Thai boxing in Thailand and Shotokan Karate to gain explosiveness and get into the fire, NIA in Portland and Germany for years and years for the Music, Movement and Magic it brings to my life.
Yoga, in Sweden, India, Asia – yes on my mat, for the stability, aligning with gravity, connecting with the space above and around, for intimacy with self and others.

TantRut Arsalan yoda festival

TantRut & Arsalan Nasiri

TantRut är en DJ och producent av elektronisk musik som flyttade från Berlin till en liten svensk ö. Tillsammans med Arsalan som med sin orientaliska sufi musik spelad på oud, tvärflöjt, setar och tanbour skapar dom en förtrollande blandning av organiska sounds och elektroniska beats. Som att resa in i tusen och en natt i en framtida dimension.

David Pilbäck DJ Open 3

David Pilbäck

Ecstatic Dance

David Pilbäck knew early that his life was about motion and dance. As a little boy, he learned to dance from his mother at home on the kitchen floor. The music and the dance have taken him to the Argentine tango, to the sweaty houseclubs and to a graduate thesis in Philosophy on the relationship between body movement and our emotional life. What David wants to do in the dance is to create a space where the dance subversive power may seem a space where the dance transforms trauma to wisdom. David wants to build a conscious dance community where the social aspect of the dance takes place and where all feelings are allowed. We must be bigger than living and dancing half-heartedly and safely.


Mattias Sundman


It began with Mattias being shown images of Shervin Boloorian on how cells and cancer cells are affected by sounds (research from the 80’s by Fabien Maman). It was alleged that some sounds caused cells to light up energy-efficiently and some sounds caused cancer cells to dissolve.
This sowed a seed at Mattias who, a few years later took the decision to start playing Gong.
Mattias is now a educated Gong master and plays regularly in Nynäshamn, Stockholm and also at yoga festivals around Sweden.


Johan Hedström

IMPERMADANCE- Moving with the natural changes of life

I was born and raised in the quiet, beautiful nature of Dalarna. At an early age I began to explore who I was, what is the meaning of life and why I sometimes felt separated from others while there were plenty of people in my presence. I noticed that I was not alone to feel so and that there were ways to get closer to others and myself. Today I work with psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and dance. I am deeply grateful that my life began with these issues and that I can meet and support people today with contact, presence, joy and silence. I am an educated yin, mediyoga and meditation instructor as well as a Integrative therapist. Student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Ken Wilber.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

Martina YoDa

Martina Stål

Intuition and decision making

Martina Stål is a Psychology major that her masters at Stockholm University about how the body experiences positive and negative bodily sensations in decision making.

What is intuition and how can I use it in decision making? Here, exercises, meditations, conversations and lectures are mixed. From neuropsychology to the sixth mind.

AY5A3925 (1)

Sara Ström

Virya Yoga – Exploration of the Hips

Sara has many years of professional experience in yoga, health, coaching, exercise and movement. In addition, she is educated Health Counselor (Master’s Degree), studies movement analysis and mobility at advanced university level, as well as FRC ™ Mobility Specialist and lic. Personal trainer. Sara is part of the teaching team at the Nordic Yoga Institute, and regularly writes articles and texts in most forums.

Elin Sandberg yoda festival

Elin Sandberg

“What happens in the body and the brain as you yoga and meditate”

With great interest in health and well-being, Elin has been studying medicine and yoga hand in hand in recent years. From a holistic perspective, she wipes knowledge from the East and West – but above all, she drives a great will to help others feel good in both body and soul. Elin is educated in Ashtanga Vinyasa on Brahmani Yoga in Goa, medical yoga from the MediYoga Institute, and graduated from Örebro University in 2017. Besides her work as a doctor, she holds classes in yoga where she primarily inspires a stress-free life. She is also involved in a research project on the effect of yoga and dance for girls with recurring abdominal pain.

Come Alive

Mathias Nordström

Mathias Nordström will come to the Wellness Bazaar and play for us 💖

The groove yoda festivalen

Linnea Larsson


After more than 25 years of dance experience of all kinds, varying from hip hop to Greek folk dance, Linnéa began to crave something deeper. Something beyond memorizing choreographies and trying to look right and copying someone else. The best moments had always been outside of class, when spontaneous dance moves synced with others on the dance floor and/or when in a state of forgetting time and space and thinking ceased. How do you ”teach” that in a class? Is it possible? And how to offer classes in several different styles? She discovered The Groove in 2011 and fell in love instantly. Now she gives classes regularly in Stockholm and occasionally at festivals around Sweden. Linnéa is besides a Groove facilitator also trained in Access Consciousness and MEM (Mace Energy Method).

jOjo Norell stockholm yoga dance festival yodafestival

jOjo Norell


jOjo is a yoga instructor with a deep interest and passion for meditation. Starting out in the dynamics of Oshos meditations to the “final frontier” in Vipassana. He founded Running Yoga in 2009, which combines meditation, running and yoga.
It’s not about how fast you move your body. It’s about how slow you move your mind.
jOjos love for music takes form as the Dj in the Freemove class. He is also one of the organizers of the Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival.

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