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Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival is an innovative yoga and dance event. The festival has been a huge success since it first started in November 2010. It is a place where yoga meets dance, east meets west, ancient knowledge meets modern research, tradition meets innovation and nature meets the city. It is a meeting between you and me.


















The festival offers over 60 workshops guided by the world’s most inspiring and knowledgeable teachers. We also offer lectures in the areas of health, nutrition, meditation and well-being. Musicians, dancers, yogis and artists are performing both Friday and the Saturday evening, giving world-class entertainment.

Here are some of the teachers and artists who have been with us throughout the years:

Virpi på Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival 2010

Virpi Pahkinen, Bob Hansson, Ulrica Norberg, Malin Berghagen, Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa, Sky Akasha,  Jo Hardy, Magdalena Mecweld, Annette Lefterow, Blossom Tainton – Lindquist, Bruno Caverna, Maria Boox, Felix Lancelot, Josephine Selander, Kareem Raihani, Katarina Di Leva, Laruga Glaser, Marie Bergman, Su- En, Syster Sol and of course many, many more.

After five successful, appreciated and well attended Yoga and Dance Festivals we now open the doors to the 6th festival. November 3 – November 5 2017, we once more welcome you to the Ballet Academy in Stockholm, Sweden. We invite you to a weekend full of yoga, dance, music, performances, concerts, lectures and nice chill out.



Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival 2012


The people behind Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival are passionate about spreading yoga and dance as a source of joy, insight, health and consciousness. They all have long and solid experience of yoga, dance, workshops, training courses, festivals and events.


“Wonderful  I wish this happened every weekend! “

“I feel inspired and refilled after this explosion of lust for life and new opportunities. So wonderful to meet all the lovely friends – like a family reunion for the yoga family. It happens during the time of the year when you need it most, when the darkness and the cold just started crawling under the skin . THANK YOU! “

 “The heart is open and content. Happy to meet a new family in aspiration, practice and creativity. New resonances and inspiration to walk a path of light, create, nourish it and share it with all. Thank you ♥ “

 ” Thank you all for once again organizing an absolutely amazing yoga and dance festival. So well organized, lots of goodies that it was difficult to choose from and lots of lovely, inspiring and magical encounters. Lots of warmth and love! Many thanks! “

 ” Beautiful and wonderful that you mix yoga and dance and that it happens in Stockholm. Second time I visited the festival. It was even better this year. Hugs “



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