Katrina Menshikova (Moscow)

Katrina Menshikova stockholm yoga dance festival

Dance-movement therapy

Katrina Menshikova is a Embodiment facilitator and dance-movement therapist.
She is an Instructor at Vozdukh physical theatre Institute and a dancer at Moscow improvisation theatre Vozdukh.
After more than 15 years of personal body practices (professional athletics, martial arts, yoga, dance) Katrina continued her studies deeper in integral body training: Institute of Integrative Psychology and Professional Development, Embodied Facilitator Course. Since 2012 she conducts individual and group sessions for business, NGO, government institutions and general audience in Mexico, China, India, Spain, Latvia, Montenegro, Russia, etc.

Dance-movement sessions are a joyful and deep way to know your body better, to know yourself better, to invite longed-for changes to your life through new quality of movement.

During the class we will make first steps into dance-movement therapy to try-out its principles and effects.

Simple movement improvisation allows participants to experiment with new ways of being, when facilitator guiding a session can help to consciously understand new non-verbal experience. It’s discussions and sharing what make dance therapy sessions different from ones of ”ecstatic” or ”liberating dance”.

Word ”therapy” is not about being ”not ok” and then ”cured”, it’s about different quality of life, which gives you a chance for new choices and opportunities. No choreographic experience needed that’s why people turn to dance-movement sessions with various types of request, both personal and social:

  • Self-acceptance and Self-confidence
  • Inner resources and Stress management
  • Relationship issues and Self-esteem issues
  • Body image and Body-centered relationship


Lördag 16.30-18.00 Söndag 14.00-16.00
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