Praa yoda festival

Master your mind & create your life

 ”योगः चित्त वृत्ति निरोधः ” ” Yoga is the cessation of the thought patterns in the mind”

Praa (Pradeep) was born in a pristine nature of a beautiful village in the western mountain range of the southern India. He grew up absorbing the rich culture and ancient Yogic wisdom of India which he had unknown attraction towards. He moved to Italy for his Doctoral degree in the field of Cancer immunotherapy. During his doctoral studies he moved to Karolinska Institutet located in Stockholm, capital of Sweden. Currently he resides in Stockholm and works with like-minded people to bring the knowledge of science and Yoga for the happiness of all.

Mindsurfer at Yoda festival–

Mindsurfer lecture in the Yoda festival will focus on basic questions many of us have.
You may have some of these questions mentioned bellow–

– What Yoga is all about?
– Why huge part of yoga deals with mind/ thoughts and awareness?
– How Yoga can give me perfect tools to understand myself and to create a conscious life I will?

We are physically oriented people and we care very much about health and life. We exercise and diet to be in good health but we are mostly oblivious about what information we feed into our minds and how it affects our lives. Yoga tells us that mind is the source of our life experience and we create our life knowingly or unknowingly by the help of mind. Mindsurfer is the platform through which Praa intends to bring the core values and knowledge of Yoga to the world. How different components of Yoga are designed to help us create a happy life. Through Mindsurfer, Praa shares the classical perspective of Yoga, how yoga can help in recognising thought patterns which create recurring life situations. He will also explain why yoga is important in contemporary time and how one can personalize it to ones needs to create the life one wants. Yoga is that one step to transform your life.

Lördag 16.30-18.00
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