En yoga- och danslärare som personifierar fördelarna och det vackra i yogans och dansens värld; mjukhet, klarhet, fokus och harmoni. Han kommer att hålla klasser i Vinyasa yoga och Anandansa, hans egna unika stil som kombinerar yoga och dans.

Vinyasa Yoga:
Yoga offers everyone the opportunity to become more conscious of being human, of that which connects us all. It is a practice that leads us to living our true nature, to being ourselves. All the physical poses, stretches and acrobatic moves are a game, encouraging us to find the play of life. In my classes I combine the flow of vinyasa with sensible, organic alignment, allowing our bodies and selves to find their most healthy and happy way of being.

Yoga and dance are the perfect symbiosis. Yoga „lights up“ the body from within, dance shares this inner light with the world. Together they complete each other. Anandansa® connects western dance with eastern methods – yoga, Thai-Chi, Thai massage. It also incorporates the modern biomechanics of Spiral Dynamics®, fascial research and contemporary yoga alignment.

There will also be a Master Class with Anandansa on Friday 2 nov 15.00-18.30
This special Master Class is separate from the YoDa festival.
If you have a festival ticket you can attend the Master Class with a discount.