We just can’t wait till november! 💃
Welcome to our special Ecstatic Dance Pop Up YoDa festival night.
We open up at 18.00 so come chill and mingle in the café. Ecstatic Dance starts at 19.00.

In the dance it’s about letting yourself go and becoming one with the music. Following whatever happens and wherever the music takes you. Every move is ok and every step is in the right direction.
The beginning of the dance is guided by Angelica Nanda Schäfer to let us enter and explore and the ending in savasana and meditation is embraced with soothing live music with our surprise guest. The music played by jOjo Norell is a journey in rhythms, intensity and affection.
On the dance floor we are sober, barefoot, we don’t chit-chat and we respect each others wish, if it is to dance in their own space.

The entry fee for this evening is 200:-
If you already have a ticket to the Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival 1-3 november, the fee is 100:-

The event is att Balettakademien which is the same place as the festival 1-3 nov.

Come let’s dive into the dance and fall into our inner pond of ecstasy ❤️

Tickets here