Chakra Dance Meditation

Chakra Dance Meditation is an exploration into the world of the seven chakras through dance, movement and meditation.
Each time we start with a guided inquiry, followed by a exercise that will activate the chakra increasing your sensitivity and awareness of that specific region. Then music will be played inviting you to explore and embody the chakra. Musical waves will accompany a winding down period, a time for reflection, integration and resourcing.
There are 4 stages in this meditation
1) Inquiry 2) Chaktivation 3) Exploration 4) Resourcing

Anibadh Rudinger

Anibadh, devoted meditator, passionate dancer, Certified Holistic Counsellor and Body Movement Coach. Works in prison with dance, yoga and mindfulness. Halv german half Hungarian, former landscaping architect and wine producer, adventurer, former ashram inhabitant. Holds a black belt in karate and plays the trumpet. Creator of Chakra Dance Meditation and leading the Chakra Breathing meditation and AUM meditation.