Holistic Handstands

A handstand is so much more than just a fun move. Besides being a full body exercise, it is also a beautiful tool for cultivating more self-awareness and strengthening the body-mind connection. In other words it is a very yogic thing to do!

In this workshop the idea is to work mindfully on creating a solid base for doing handstands. We will use many different techniques derived from yoga, breakdancing, acrobatics and circus. With a few different inversions we work towards really understanding a handstand and while at the same time we work on the strength and condition needed to stay upside down for some time.
We will explore how to incorporate handbalancing into our daily movement practice and have a little circle about how this practice can influence our lives.

Also we will go through some beautiful variations and new challenges for the pro’s!

Jethro Rahajaan

Jethro has a great passion for dance. He started breakdancing at age 13 and learned many other dance and movement styles along the way, like popping, locking, contemporary dance, classical ballet, acrobatics, capoeira and contact improvisation. Nowadays he teaches his fusion style called Contemporary Breaking in Amsterdam and he can be seen on stages either solo or in theater shows.