Root & Rise – A Master Class with Jo Hardy

“This time of huge global challenges can be a radical period of re-imagination and renewal….. in the midst of chaos the particular thread that gives each of our lives genuine meaning can reveal and become a contribution to the re-imagining and reweaving of the world.”
~ Michael Meade 

We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be, personally and collectively. Opening beyond the seduction of self-limitation is an act of surrender to the dance of life coming through us.

What makes me feel most alive and for what am I passionate?

What supports my aliveness and gives me the strength to say yes?

What blocks my capacity to say yes?

This masterclass will be a fun, lively, sweaty dance journey through which we will experience the profound possibilities of self-discovery through movement. A space of fluid flow will be awakened allowing us to explore these questions with creativity and freshness. We will discover how to deeply root into ourselves with radical self acceptance, self love and presence and experiment with how to meet each other from greater openness – as an essential ingredient to a strong rooted base. This rooting gives us a ‘ground’ that enables us to rise, explore and value our unique contribution to the reweaving of the world, however seemingly big or small that contribution.


Jo Hardy

Jo Hardy has explored and taught conscious dance and embodied movement for over 22 years. She teaches workshops in many places, with a focus on regular programs in China. She is a faculty teacher and mentor with The School of Movement Medicine, a 5Rhythms teacher (Waves and Heartbeat Level) and an Open Floor Teacher.  She is passionate about dancing deeply, embodied inquiry and exploring what truly facilitates transformation.