Trance Dance

Trance Dance is an opportunity to connect deeply with the self and travel inward and outward.
We will use music, repetitive movement and breath to reach trance state. This can result in an empty mind without trying too hard. If thoughts do present themselves in the head, there is no need to push them away, these thoughts can be the first step of a story that can unfold in a dreamlike state.

We will dance with a blindfold so you will not be distracted by the outside world. We embrace the darkness as empty canvas and teacher. The blindfold is a tool to journey inward, to return home.

Trance Dance is a ritual for the body and the soul. We will invite sacred space and a touch of magic.


Esta Polyesta

DJ Polyesta creates a party with Global Beats and Ethno House. Polyesta is well known for her World Music and Balkan Beats sets, but because of her love for electronic music, she truly enjoys merging beats with ethnic music into a funky feel-good mix. She blends music from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Europe like there are no borders, connecting cultures and people in dance. Polyesta’s style is flowing and feminine, uplifting and fun. “Dance is a celebration.”