5 elements embodied yoga

An idea that comes back in many parts of the world is that everything is built of the same building blocks. The idea of these building blocks differs a little in different countries but often they can be divided into fire, earth, air and water. In this playful workshop we learn to see the pros and cons of each element.And with the help of the various elements we can discover sides in ourselves and in our close relationships. We allow different elements to meet to discover their pros and cons.In this fun workshop you will discover how to easily ward off a conflict, how to put together an effective or ineffective workgroup and how to face a conflict in a whole new way.And your sun salutation will never be the same again!

Hanna Backman

Hanna found yoga almost 20 years ago and her road has been long and winding. She has studied for several different teachers and practiced in many different countries. She has fallen out, questioned and come back and is today burning to carry the yoga tradition further in a way that is relevant to people today.

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