5 Rhythms

The 5 Rhythms are a dynamic movement meditation created by Gabrielle Roth, and danced all over the world. The 5 rhythms: Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyric and Silence – are five different qualities of movement, together they constitute a wave movement. You dance from within you and there are no special steps to learn; you dance spontaneously in the present. It is dance for the whole of you, dance for body, heart, mind, soul and spirit. It’s for everyone, come as you are

Susanne Nilsson

Susanne tried her first 5 Rhythms class in 2003 and fell in love with this practice and has since then had 5 rhythms as her meditation, life-tool box and her joy. She has traveled and met dancing friends around the world and is now working as a 5 Rhythm teacher in Stockholm.