Anandansa® – the Illuminating Dance of Yoga

Yoga and dance are the perfect symbiosis. Yoga „lights up“ the body from within, dance shares this inner light with the world. Together they complete each other.
Anandansa® connects western dance with eastern methods – yoga, Thai-Chi, Thai massage. It also incorporates the modern biomechanics of Spiral Dynamics®, fascial research and contemporary yoga alignment. It offers the opportunity to investigate ones own sense of organic movement and self-expression. Through both guided and improvised exercises participants are brought in touch with their creative and intuitive personality. This satisfaction of being fully aware of our life force is the ground of true happiness and is referred to in Sanskrit as „ananda“. Hence the name of this method: Anandansa®.
In this workshop we will learn the principals and basic elements of the method, enabling participants to incorporate them into their own practice. We will also be playing with the connection of breath, body and movement. Both dancers and yoga practitioners alike are invited to participate. Experience in yoga asanas is helpful, dance experience is not necessary.

Jack Waldas

Following his dance education at Ballet School New York and the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance, Jack danced with […]