Animal Flow

Animal Flow is a bodyweight only practice that combines ground-based movement with elements of various disciplines of body-weight training to create a fun, challenging workout that emphasizes multi-planar, fluid movement. Animal Flow is a versatile practice that can you add to what you are already doing, and can meet the intensity level you want.

We’ll be working through different components. In an Animal Flow class we will be exploring three animal forms, Ape, Beast, Crab or the ABC. We’ll be working with 6 components wrist mobilizations, form specific stretches, activations, traveling forms, switches, transitions. From them we will be coordinating the flows.


Mauri Malfert

Mauri found yoga 18 years ago having had a great passion for movement and activity throughout his life. Constantly exploring and searching, he eventually also found SOMA MOVE and Animal Flow; two types of exercise where you only use your body as resistance.