Anusara Yoga

Anusara Yoga is an open invitation to a deeper understanding and experience of yourself and the world you live in. In this workshop we will explore how we retain a solid foundation in ourselves through the flow of life and changes and a stabling of ones core that opens up for the inherent and limitless potential we all carry.
Anusara is a physically challenging and dynamic form of yoga in which we work with Hatha yogas large variety of positions that makes your body more flexible and stronger. With Anusaras posture principles, you will discover that your body can do more than you think!
Above all Anusara aims to open up your creativity , power , energy, and your heart to get access to the unique power that is within all of us.

Helena Wintre

With a background in basketball , martial arts and many years as a group fitness instructor at the fitness center chain SATS it’s yoga that has taken a stable place in her life. Helena teaches classes, workshops and retreats . The teachers Helena furthers her training with is mainly Sianna Sherman, Doug Keller and Neesha Zollinger. She studies philosophy and practices meditation with Paul Muller Ortega as her teacher.