Body Psychology and Osteopathy

– Insights and Resources for Holistic Health

How are you? – We say it all the time, but what does it mean? What is true health and wellbeing? In this session we will explore possibilities for healing grounded in osteopathy and body-based psychology. Health, in Rasmus eyes, is not a byproduct of biology, rather it is the sum total of what Life is. Rasmus will present ideas and insights, guide exercises to deepen your contact with your embodied emotion and also demonstrate an osteopathic treatment.

Rasmus will also offer short treatments during the festival. 

Rasmus Schröder

Rasmus Schröder is an Osteopath, TRE-instructor and Meditation Guide. His deepest intention is to aid true healing and transformation in others, as in himself. His work expands in many directions, encompassing all parts of the body, posture, trauma and emotional work, energetic healing and spiritual and psychological guidance. Rasmus is a devout meditation practitioner and leads groups with New Dharma Stockholm.