Children Yoga

Here are all welcome, small as big, stiff as agile, sad as happy, tired as alert. The focus is on having fun while we yoga, breathe, play and relax. We greet the sun, go out for yoga adventures and try yoga fairytales. We are testing yoga dancing and couples yoga. We release every effort, invite creativity and explore both movement and silence together. In the end, we relax in the magic sound of Tibetan sound bowls.

Warm welcome to a wonderful moment for both adults and children.

Helen Larsson

Helen has practiced and studied yoga for almost 25 years. She leads yoga for all ages and specializes in yoga for children. She organizes yoga camps and other activities in the school holidays. Helen also hosts children's yoga workshops and programs, aimed at both school and preschool staff and for yoga teachers and private individuals. She is also the author of a book about barnyoga, "Yoga with Children" (Lava Publisher).