Contemporary Breaking

“A playful fusion of contemporary dance, breakdance and so many other ways of movement, or a contact improvisation dance with the floor.”
This class is not like any other dance class. It is an exploration, a guided research, into movement, with an emphasis on floorwork. 

B-boying or ‘breakin’ is better known to the world as breakdancing, which usually goes quite fast and may seem hard and maybe even painful, but by combining it with the flow of contemporary dance and by adjusting the tempo to that of your own breath, it can be an enriching journey for everyone.
One where you learn how to connect to ground like never before, to manage your energy through breathing and to get to know your body on a whole new level.

And besides all that, it looks amazing and is a really great workout. So this is for those who love to dance in crazy ways, who love to be up side down and to roll and slide across the floor!
Preferably for this class at least some basic movement practice is required, like yoga, dance or a martial art form.

Jethro Rahajaan

Jethro has a great passion for dance. He started breakdancing at age 13 and learned many other dance and movement styles along the way, like popping, locking, contemporary dance, classical ballet, acrobatics, capoeira and contact improvisation. Nowadays he teaches his fusion style called Contemporary Breaking in Amsterdam and he can be seen on stages either solo or in theater shows.