We gather in a ring to meet each other. To meet the drum. To meet ourselves.

No previous knowledge is required. Drums are available to anyone to borrow during this journey. Come as you are and continue to be that. Hit the drum to let what you currently are change and continue to change. Let yourself morph into all different shapes and realize that you are not one of these different forms. You will reach your inner silence.

Come and dive into the phenomenon of being human and express it through the drum. Learn to listen to the moment, at it is changing shapes and let it point you inward, over and over again. Learn to listen inside and give it space! Through your creative flame create FIRE, let yourself be in the flow like the WATER, hold steady structure like EARTH and playfully, impulsively be like the WIND.

The drum helps us to communicate wordlessly with each other. We practice to hear what Music wants and we transform into an instrument for her (Music).

Joseph Wallin

Joseph Wallin is a master in rhythm. He is traveling the world teaching about the sacred space of wordless communication: Music, through drumming, With a big smile and an openness to welcome all that is, will he greet you into his circle with open arms and embrace you - however you are at this moment.