Gong Bath

Gong Bath

Welcome to bathe in Gong worlds healing tones and vibrations. An evening concert with several gongers to sink into and float away on the ocean of loving energy.

Mattias Sundman

It began with Mattias being shown images of Shervin Boloorian on how cells and cancer cells are affected by sounds (research from the 80's by Fabien Maman). It was alleged that some sounds caused cells to light up energy-efficiently and some sounds caused cancer cells to dissolve. This sowed a seed at Mattias who, a few years later took the decision to start playing Gong. Mattias is now a educated Gong master and plays regularly in Nynäshamn, Stockholm and also at yoga festivals around Sweden.

Mateusz Krawiec

Mateusz started his life long journey of studying yoga with a 500 hours kundalini yoga teachers training with Viveka Pasquier, training in rocket vinyasa with Madaleine Stjernswäld Asker and Hatha yoga with Ewa Barańska. Mateuesz is also inspired by contact improvisation, dance and movement culture. Today Mateusz is teaching Kundalini, Hatha and Vinyasa and Yin in different studios around Stockholm and arranging yoga festivals abroad. Before he started to live his life as a yogi, Mateusz was performing as a dancer and coaching a basketball team. Yoga was at that time present in his life until it finally took first place. His big interest in transpersonal psychology brought him to Kundalini yoga wich became the main essence of his practice. Something which he is very happy to share. ​

Monika Vasic

Monika Vasic runs the yoga studio MoYoLo in Enköping. With the body we take the impressions and make the expressions. This can be done through movement in dance and yoga or through sound. Monika inspires with her energy and empathy.

Beatrice Nilsson

Beatrice Nilsson is Certified WorldPeace gongplayer When Beatrice heard the healing sounds of the Gongs she got gonged! Since then she leads pujas, gong therapy, gong healing, yoga Nidra with gong, YinYoga with gong, Sama Yoga , Medi Yoga, qigong - always with the Gongs. She also playing singing bowls, crystal bowls, drum, flute, tank drum and many other instruments. "Bea" is a gong teacher in "The art of playing the gong" together with GongAcademy, Sweden. She just LOVE playing the gongs.