Heart to Heart embodied tantra meditation

Many of us are unaware that our nervous system often has full impact when we step into a room with people, friends or your partner. Situations That we handle with through flight, fight or freeze….. This is a simple powerful method to calm down the nervous system and enable a deeper meeting in ourselves together with others. We slowly descend into our bodies, breathe and allow our nervous systems to communicate. We go deeper and listen curiously into the little nuances of our body and others without leaving ourselves. I create a safe keeping to help in this adventure trip into yourselves.

Annica Avinasha Dahlin

Annica Dahlin is a trained and passionate Tantra Yoga & meditation teacher. Over the past twenty years she has worked with her own and others’ development. She is a trained therapist, coach and Bodyworker who actively deepens and refines her knowledge. She regularly holds courses, trainings and provides individual and couples sessions, as well as group workshops.