Joyful Singing

Welcome to a vocal workshop where we will look at our relationship to our own voices and kindly discover our hidden potentials through singing and improvising. We will use play, movement and meditation to honour the uniqueness in our voices. This will be a safe and playful singing-space to encourage people to accept their own voices and find the courage to improvise and experiment with sounds. Come and sing, move and improvise together in a safe environment.
No previous experience is needed. Warmly welcome!

Amanda Ragnardotter

Amanda is a Swedish voice coach specialized in singing techniques, trained for five years at the academy of music in Malmö. Amanda is a trained pop/rock singer but has also a lot of experience in genres like soul, jazz, folk, musicals and classical singing. She has been writing her own music and lyrics for 15 years. For Amanda, both composing and singing is essential elements for dealing with life.