Mindfulness in medicare

Mindfulness as a treatment in modern healthcare has this year been used for 40 years. During this class I will briefly tell you about the different methods that are now used all over the world to help people recover from depression, anxiety, addictive diseases and more. I will spend most of the class trying to explain what changes in the brain are linked to mental illness and how we now actually know that mindfulness, yoga and physical training can often be very effective in good treatment.
At Karolinska Hospital’s Affective Reception in Huddinge, a very exciting project is under way with the ingenious title Braining where physical exercise, yoga and mindfulness are used in the treatment.

Ingemar Sköld

Ju-jutsu champion Ingemar Sköld is one of Sweden's foremost athletes. For many years he has worked as a senior physician at the Maria Dependence Center in Stockholm. He introduced mindfulness as a way to prevent relapse in Sweden and, as a doctor, has participated in several television productions. Ingemar has extensive experience of meditation as a tool in healthcare, in the treatment of stress, depression, drug abuse, adhd and anxiety.