Movement to art for children & adults

Movement Art is the pleasure of expressing your body in motion & using color & shape!
The class is composed out of a easy and playful way. A time together with body movement, drawing and color. All based on their own ability. We move from improvisation to form and form to improvisation individually and in groups. We try to potray colors & shapes, fantasy and imagination, toning easily with voice, rhythms & pace. With and without recorded music, stillness to dynamic. The body movement gives inspiration to image creation. This class is composed just for children and adults.
Here in the dance hall we use simple materials like lead pencils and crayons. No water based.
Recommended age for the children is approximately 7-12 years with adults.

Kerstin Åkesson

Kerstin Åkesson with Movement to ART has since 2003 inspired with individual classes / consultations & groups in Images & Art and Movement & Art and her own painting under ArtoRent. Kerstin classes focus on each one's unique expression and possibility to grow and develop according to their needs both individually and in groups. Her love for nature is growing every day and Kerstin wants to bring in curiosity, playfulness and beauty in what is offered through Movement to ART.