Nine attitudes of mindfulness

Nine attitudes of mindfulness

Acceptance, letting go, non-striving, generosity, patience, beginners-mind, non-judging, trust and gratitude are the nine attitudes of mindfulness, that can be cultivated in your formal meditation practise as well as to your daily life. They are the entrance, the path and the goal – all at once. To practise the nine attitudes is about focusing on something which is already present within us and getting to know it, over and over. To enter there and meet life from this very point.
In this class, after an introduction of all of the attitudes, there’s the opportunity to go deeper into one, and then share briefly about the experiece. Most welcome!

Candra Karlholm

Candra Karlholm is educated by Svagito Liebermeister, who learnt constellation work from its founder Bert Hellinger and who combines it with meditations from the world of Osho and somatic experiencing / trauma healing. Candra is deeply touched and inspired by this way of working with people based in meditation and it is her joy to share it with others in workshops and individual sessions.  Together with her husband Mikael Candra also runs Spread the Word, organizing events with Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Deva Premal & Miten and others. She is a mindfulness instructor, drama pedagogue and mother of two, and has studied with great spiritual teachers over the last 20 years. In constellation work, she has found something which unites the personal with the impersonal, the "highest of the highest" with the fully down-to-earthly matters and the body-mind with the soul.