Pause – the art of doing something else

The pauses can be filled with rest and tranquility, but also activity and uncontrollable thoughts. They affect what happens afterwards and can change the view of what has occured. Although we can’t manage without a pause, it is threatened. The duty society urges us to do instead of to be. The technology makes it even easier to avoid the break. Phones and computers allow us to work smoothly and everywhere. The 24-hour community never stops. We fill our calendars, make long-to-do lists and continue to stress, as if breaks were something stupid and bad.

But it’s the opposite. With the help of his own experiences, current research and recognizable situations, Patrik Hadenius shows why we should take command of our time and stop. Correctly chosen pauses are a prerequisite for getting something done, for developing and feeling good.

Patrik Hadenius

Patrik Hadenius is a linguist, publisher and a frequently engaged lecturer and moderator. He was the editor-in-chief of Forskning & Framsteg (Research and Progress), Sweden's foremost popular science magazine until the spring of 2018, and for Språktidningen (Language Journal), which he founded in 2007. Recently released the book Paus - konsten att göra något annat (Pause - Art of doing something else).