Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a soft form of bodywork that aims to give more space in the body for energy to flow. With the help of a combination between acupressure points and soft yoga stretches the massage aims to soften the muscles, bone structure, joints and fascia, working along the energy lines of the body. Carin’s teacher Carlos Romero calls the massage form a “healing dance” where a dialog occurs between the giver and receiver’s body, a meditation in motion or more jokingly for “yoga for lazy people” where the stretches is done to you rather then you performing anything. 

A Thai Yoga Massage class starts with a short talk about touch, movement, bodypositions and energy, a demonstration and then a led sequence where all participants get to experience both giving and receiving massage. The massage is done on a mat on the floor, so please come in comfortable clothes, bring a partner or come alone and we’ll partner you up in the class.

Carin Carbonnier

Carin met Thai Yoga Massage for the first time in 2012, when she dived deeper into the studies of this technique it started out as a compliment to AcroYoga and giving adjustment in yoga classes. Though she quickly got hooked, this soft massage form fascinated her, both giving and receiving, it started a healing journey of an unhealthy body image and continuously gives her a deeper understanding of how different bodies move, where stagnation can occur and how to give more space for energy to flow.