What happens in the body and the brain as you yoga and meditate?

What science is there really behind yoga? What are the medical effects of yoga? What have you seen in studies? And can it be used to create health, well-being and disease prevention? This is a lecture about our bodies and brains, the nervous system, the immune system and hormones – and how we can boost ourselves through yoga, meditation and elimination of stress.

Elin Sandberg

With great interest in health and well-being, Elin has been studying medicine and yoga hand in hand in recent years. From a holistic perspective, she wipes knowledge from the East and West. Elin is educated in Ashtanga Vinyasa on Brahmani Yoga in Goa, medical yoga from the MediYoga Institute, and graduated from Örebro University in 2017. Besides her work as a doctor, she holds classes in yoga where she primarily inspires a stress-free life.