Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival

5-7 November 2021


We regretfully announce that The International Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival 2021 is cancelled this year. We have been monitoring the global pandemic issue and have been hoping we would all arrive at the place where we could join together with our love for yoga, dance and an intrinsic sense of community. The festival has always had its ambition to be an occasion where we can come closer together. To let go of our fears and open our hearts towards ourselves and each other ❤️
Even though it is possible to do a version of the festival with slight restrictions, we feel we will have to abstain from a part of the essence of the festival. To do a YoDa festival is to do it completely and not to have to carry with us a feeling of restrain.
We sincerely hope next year the world will be in a space of more freedom 🙏
With immense love and consideration for all 💕
Angelica & jOjo