Teachers & Artists

Stockholm Yoga & Dance festival is proud to present this years teachers that will come to the mini festival with their knowledge and warmth.

Malin Svanholm

Malin Svanholm is a yoga teacher with a dance background and roots in the ISHTA tradition. She teaches in hatha yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, creative dance and meditation. She is also the author of the book “Happy, healthy, holy. The yogic path to a full and sustainable life. "
"Both yoga and dance are a help to calibrate me - to find my way back to my true north on a daily basis."

Mateusz Krawiec

Today Mateusz is teaching Kundalini, Hatha and Vinyasa and Yin in different studios around Stockholm and arranging yoga festivals abroad. Mateuesz is also inspired by contact improvisation, dance and movement culture.

Angelica Nanda Schäfer

Angelica Nanda Schäfer is the creator of the Freemove Yoga concept. She has been teaching on full time basis for the last 15 years and she runs her own yoga studio in Sweden. With passion for movement and fascination over different ways to still the mind she likes to explore the language between body and mind and she invites you to be creative and playful on the floor. ”It s all about finding the freedom within”.

Mattias Sundman

It began with Mattias being shown images of Shervin Boloorian on how cells and cancer cells are affected by sounds (research from the 80's by Fabien Maman). It was alleged that some sounds caused cells to light up energy-efficiently and some sounds caused cancer cells to dissolve. This sowed the seed for Mattias who, a few years later took the decision to start playing Gong.

Songs of Eden

What does rhythmic yoga music, soothing piano pieces and relaxing tunes have in common?
The Swedish composer Måns Ek creates music that touches under the artist name Songs Of Eden. Dance to North African or Brazilian rhythms. Yoga to calm or uplifting tones or meditate on relaxing piano music. Songs Of Eden draws its inspiration from all over the world. All the music of the world has its own personality and he embraces everything and creates his own personal interpretation.

jOjo Norell

jOjo is a yoga and meditation instructor and has for many years had meditation, yoga and running as a big part of his life. He founded Running Yoga in 2009, which is an exercise form that combines meditation, running and yoga. It's not about how fast you move your body. It's about how slow you move your mind. jOjo´s love of music is given space through his role as a Dj as in the Freemove class.