Caroline Fladvad

Caroline’s greatest passion is movement. Movement inside and through the body, but also the constant flow of movement in life itself; both in its details and in its entirety. After many years in the world of dance as a dancer and dance teacher, she found yoga and fell in love – a love for life. Yoga and dance she means offers space for movement exploration – in body, mind, feeling, breath, and stillness. Through motion, we can express, tell and repeatedly find home within ourselves.

Caroline has ten years of practising oriental dance from Egypt and Turkey and is also trained in Global Yoga, Embodied flow, Body Mind Centering, Yin yoga with focusing on traditional Chinese medicine and Creative Dance. Her classes are characterized by creativity, playfulness, presence and emotion. Depth mixed with ease, laughter mixed with seriousness. She wants motion, yoga and dance to be accessible and exciting.

Expressive lungs

Expressive lungs

The lung collects, mixes and scatters the Qi, instilling rhythm and order. The lung is the source of inspiration - it creates the open space, the emptiness within which new ideas and emotions can take shape. class held in Swedish