Eva Seilitz

Eva Seilitz holds a Masters in religion and inter faith studies degree in Religion and Life Sciences, and is a certified Hatha yoga teacher in Sweden and the United States. She has previously worked as a public health coordinator for the municipality of Norrtälje, and for eight years she laid the foundations for the National Defense Agency’s national yoga concept. A yoga concept that is evidence-based and builds on the latest research, which she developed in collaboration with Josefin Wikström and her colleagues in the Criminal Care. In the autumn of 2017 she, together with Josefin Wikström, has developed a trained yoga program for the legal psychiatric regional clinic in Vadstena. Eva works widely in different areas of society to strengthen a life of meaning, direction and existential health. Her primary teacher and mentor was the scientist Jonas Salk who, at the time, produced the polio vaccine and wrote a series of books about human evolution and human condition in the cosmos. A visionary force that has been guiding Eve since they met in Santa Barbara in 1974.

Yoga and the power of dance behind the walls

A trauma-adjusted program with a blend of physical challenge, breathing exercises, dance movements and guided relaxation. The power of the rhythm Throughout history, man has always danced, through joy and strong emotion, the dance has given expression to our inner emotional landscape. Rhythm and dance have the power of creating a community without words, losing negative stress, creating joy and a strong body language.The class is a combination of motion therapy elements and pure joy from crazy Bollywood choreographies and electronic rhythms. We review how dance can help in different forms of traumatization and what happens in the body on a deeper level, the neurological clutches of the brain and the nervous system. Welcome to dance as if you won a lottery! Best of all..Nothing can be wrong. No prior knowledge required. We dance barefoot and be prepared to sweat!

Prison Yoga Project

Studies show that a majority of those admitted to prisons around the world have in some way been exposed to a trauma in their childhood or adulthood. The traumas like being abandoned, homelessness, domestic violence, substance abuse, witnessed violence and victims of sexual abuse. Prison Yoga Project uses trauma-based evidence-based techniques to re-establish a sense of security, control and freedom in its own body. What is a trauma? How does traumatic stress affect the body and the brain? How can yoga relieve posttraumatic stress syndrome and complex traumatization? A lecture on methods and techniques that suits everyone working with people who have been exposed to traumatic experiences or chronic stress.