Hanna Backman

Hanna found yoga almost 20 years ago and her yoga road has been long and winding. She has studied for several different teachers and practiced in many different countries. She has fallen out, questioned and come back and is today burning to carry the yoga tradition further in a way that is relevant to people today. “In a time that profits so much that we will feel insufficient, it’s almost anarchistic to like oneself and be content. Yoga can be a very powerful tool to discover new sides within ourselves and actually realize how much beauty we already have instead of constantly reaching out for more.”

Today she is E-RYT 500 h + and runs the studio Little Peace Yoga, winner of Sweden’s best yoga studio at Yogagalan 2018, where Hanna also was nominated for best teacher.



To Work Light And Rest Hard
In this class we will move from a fun dynamic practice, via pranayama, and into a more yin-based practice. We will investigate two different qualities, the one of willpower and strive to the one of letting go and just being. But. You have probably noticed that in the Yang/Yin symbol there is a dot of yin in the field of yang. And a dot of yang in the field of yin. So we will see if we can add that little drop of letting go in our dynamic practice. And a little bit of yang into our yin.
This class will make you involve only what needs to be involved so you can add lightness and only use the energy needed, even when your body is working and you strive.
And to add that little bit of discipline and focus in your yin. So you really rest, and don´t just space out or get too involved in thoughts. This class will make you investigate your
old patterns and meet your asanas with a new inner approach.