jOjo Norell

jOjo is a yoga and meditation instructor and has for many years had meditation, yoga and running as a big part of his life. He founded Running Yoga in 2009, which is an exercise form that combines meditation, running and yoga. It’s not about how fast you move your body. It’s about how slow you move your mind. jOjo´s love of music is given space through his role as a Dj as in the Freemove class. jOjo is one of the main organizers of the Stockholm Yoga & Dance Festival and Ängsbacka Yoga & Dance Easter festival.

YoDa Club

After the Opening ceremony the evening takes off with Celso Paco & the Troup that makes us start stomping to the African groovy rhythms. After that Dj jOjo Norell will get the dance floor stomping. jOjo has dj'd for many years at different clubs and festivals like the No Mind festival. For many years he had the legendary SamSara Danceclub and loves organic mystical smooth electronic dance music that will make you fly away into the sunset.

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a style of free form dance in which the music is the teacher. In this form of dance, there is no structure or steps to follow or any particular way to dance. Ecstatic dance events are differentiated by being a talk free space. The crowd tunes in together before the class and end together in a circle.

Freemove Yoga

”Dance your yoga from inner stillness to exploratory movement and let your movement be your meditation and liberation” Freemove Yoga is based on the idea that your body knows exactly what it needs and what it best for it if you are given the chance to listen, feel and explore in a safe and secure context. We focus on being in the presence when we flow and explore through our free movement, yoga asanas, dynamic meditation and dance and we do all this to awesome music played by live dj. You will experience the feeling of freedom in different ways and you are safely guided through all feeds. The purpose is to raise your inner potential and increase your body awareness which together gives you a stronger sense of self, power and insight into who you are and what you want and get you more present in the moment. Earlier participants have described their experience with words like JOY, FREEDOM, SPACE, ENERGY, STILLNESS , TANTRIC, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE, PEACE, POWER, RELEASE, THE TRUTH, ECSTASY, SATISFACTION