Linneá Larsson

After more than 25 years of dance experience of all kinds, varying from hip hop to Greek folk dance, Linnéa began to crave something deeper. Something beyond memorizing choreographies and trying to look right and copying someone else. The best moments had always been outside of class, when spontaneous dance moves synced with others on the dance floor and/or when in a state of forgetting time and space and thinking ceased. How do you ”teach” that in a class? Is it possible? And how to offer classes in several different styles? She discovered The Groove in 2011 and fell in love instantly. Now she gives classes regularly in Stockholm and occasionally at festivals around Sweden. Linnéa is besides a Groove facilitator also trained in Access Consciousness and MEM (Mace Energy Method).



The Groove is a class that unifies the participants in the same rhythm or movement and is very simple so that you may use your creativity, add your personality, while experiencing how the movement feels in the body, instead of concentrating on getting it right. Different styles of music are used to provide a wide range of movements. The Groove is more an experience than a dance class, you do not know how it feels until you have tried. :) We invite you to join, express your uniqueness and personality, on a dance floor that vibrates with creativity, depth and joy.

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