Martina Hallin

I’ve made some turnarounds in my life, turning the world as well as myself upside down. Yoga has been an essential part in doing both, as well as in meanwhile exploring how I embody the various choices of my life. Whilst making a career, defecting a career, switching career. Quitting a good job without having a plan. Taking a whole gap year doing nothing but yoga, meditation and travelling. Working in the commercial, international, alternative, civil sector. Taking up studies part time leading nowhere, just for the joy of them. Being well of, financially. Living off very little, financially.

Yoga has followed every turn.

As it has over marriages, divorces, single life, poly life. With men, as well as women. It has been with me whilst living in the countryside and in the center of the city. In sickness and in health. When I’ve spoken a lot, with and before lots of people. When I’ve been in silence, every day always, sometimes for days on end, with or without other people in silence around.

If it’s of importance for you to let yourself be guided by someone who lives somewhat outside the box, the above could be good to know. If it’s not relevant to you, it is of no significance to me. I do not advocate a certain lifestyle. I want to support you in finding out what makes your life meaningful – to you. Existential Conversational Yoga could possibly be one tool of many for you in that exploration.

Coming from communication science, I am one of the very first to become a diploma existential coach in Sweden. I am also a consultant in the wider field of communication, focusing on strategy and business management. Nowadays mostly for NGO:s, but prior to that I’ve had a long career as a manager in the conventional commercial sector.

For me, this means I am accustom to leadership, and take a genuine interest in people’s core drivers. My own, is to lead a life filled with meaning.

One thing that fills my life with meaning, is to be active in the civil rights movement. Therefor I serve as a member of the board in RFSU Stockholm, the Swedish Association for Sexual Education. What I do as an existential coach goes very well with our mission to support people to “dare to be, to choose, and to enjoy”.

If you want to know more about what I do, pop by www.existentiellarummet.se

Existential conversational yoga

Existential conversational yoga

In this workshop, we use our trained mind to learn some more about ourselves, through our bodies, combining it with some modern Western philosophy. It’s not about doing the right thing, so much as it is about understanding something. To be with what is. To be with yourselves, the way it is to be, for you, right this moment. To become, not something, but maybe coming closer to something you want. We begin with an existential reflection over what it is to be, to exist. Followed by a mindful practise, somebody (you?) then gets to explore something a little deaper by being coached in a certain matter of your choice, before the group. We end the workshop with an opportunity to share our personal thoughts on the matter. I hold space, coach, and highlight philosophical aspects on what is said. Oh, and what is said during the workshop, stays in the workshop. Just so you know.