Tony Puustinen

Tony Puustinen is a former inmate who today is a trained yoga teacher inspired by embodied flow; Anusara, the basis being from the classic Hatha yoga and being a Reiki healer. He is currently educating himself to be a relationship coach.
Tony has a long experience of abuse, crime, gangs and time in prison (about 10 years of effective time) before throwing in the towel and making a move to Asia. This resulted in after about 1 year being a criminal down there he got locked up for 6 months and later transferred to Sweden where he served the remainder of his time and came into contact with the research project yoga in the institution by Eva Seilitz.

Yoga in combination with therapeutic talks has for Tony been a very important component in educating the ego that drove him away from love to himself and others. Today Tony runs with his girlfriend Shala Spiritual Junkie, that is a yoga studio / center for personal development in various forms in central Gothenburg. Tony mediates yoga from the heart & vulnerability, as well as from his own experiences in his transformation, which is a lifelong process.