Davide Swarup

An Italian by birth, a traveler and a world citizen. His unique approach to combine meditation and improvisation, together with the beauty of the HandPan, creates unique compositions in the present moment that will be ”heard” straight in your heart.

Davide Swarup is often said to be a « soul player ». As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.
Listening to his melodies is a way of meditating. Davide himself plays in a meditative state, allowing the music to come to him, without the ego or any kind of control interfering. The energy just flows through him, as if channeled: his compositions come to him from somewhere out there and make them so special. Body, hands and fingers, so relaxed and smooth, become the translation of a beyond as well as the pure expression of the here and now.



Inspired by his beloved Osho, being a musician and a dance lover, Swarup its sharing with us a simple and effective meditation to be in the present moment, for us to enjoy at the fullest the music that he will play live, and get something more than just a musical experience.